Diesel Engine and Commercial Truck Repair

Diesel Engine and Commercial Truck Maintenance Services for You

Your diesel engine is powerful, economical, and complex. It is a piece of quality engineering. To keep it running at its best, it requires regular maintenance. From time to time, it may require repair. The good news is, Maplecrest Ford Union offers specialized maintenance and repair services for diesel engines.

Diesel Engine Repair

Our diesel engine repair shop is fully equipped to service diesel engines for all your vehicles, regardless of make or model. Whether you are driving a new truck that simply needs an oil change, or a high-mileage vehicle that seems to be using too much fuel, we will get your engine to work right and do it quickly. We know you depend on your truck, and time is money.

Our Commercial Truck Maintenance Services

We have over $600,000 in our parts inventory, we will help you with…

  • Engine overhaul and repair with over 20 new engines in stock
  • Transmission overhaul and repair
  • Differential overhaul and repair
  • Complete fuel system and injection servicing
  • Injection pump rebuilding
  • Body / Chassis replacement
  • Hydraulic System repair
  • Low-price Tire Guarantee
  • Snow Plow Installation and Repair
  • Pickup and Delivery Towing

Diesel - A Bit of History

Rudolph Diesel developed his "compression - ignition" (CI) engine in the late 19th century. Diesel focused on thermal efficiency and high compression, and based on those distinguishing characteristics, was granted patents for his engine at the turn of the century. The diesel engine is flexible. While biodiesel sounds like a modern invention, back in 1900 a diesel engine ran successfully on peanut oil, so little is new under the diesel sun. Since then, much work has been done to improve engine efficiency and longevity, but these changes have added to engine complexity. So today, regular maintenance and early repair of problems are critical factors for diesel engine owners.

Today's Diesel Truck Engines

Known for high torque developed at low RPM, and robust construction to support the high compression, diesel engines can be steady, reliable performers for many years. These properties make them ideal power sources for commercial vehicles like your truck. You expect long engine duty cycles, plenty of power, and efficient, cost-effective performance. When diesel engines work properly, they deliver on those requirements.

The heart of the diesel is its fuel metering and injection system. Today's common-rail diesels run at fuel deliver pressures of 20,000 - 35,000 pounds per square inch (PSI). It takes complex electronics to manage piezoelectric injectors that supply minute quantities of fuel to the diesel's cylinders.

So, keeping these systems healthy and happy requires a team with specialized equipment and training. Rest assured, our Maplecrest Ford Union technicians have the training, skills, experience, and equipment necessary to keep your Ford diesel vehicle running properly. We perform complete diagnostics to identify potential and existing issues, stock the necessary replacement parts to fix most problems, and deliver quality repairs quickly.

Maintenance on Schedule

Whether you have one truck or a fleet of vehicles, keeping a regular maintenance schedule makes sense. It is the best and simplest way to help your diesel engine run with high efficiency and achieve its potential for long life. And let's not forget the rest of your vehicle. Whether you need an inspection, have your cooling system or brakes services, or want the electrical system checked, our mechanics will help you.

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Keeping your diesel happy is only a phone call or contact form away. Make a service appointment, drive in, and find out for yourself what excellent service our certified mechanics provide. We know you will be a happy customer.



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