One of the most important parts about shopping for a new Ford F-150 is ensuring that you are able to choose a truck that is going to offer you all of the power and performance you want, but more importantly, the size that you desperately want. Luckily for you, when you come over to Maplecrest Ford Lincoln in Vauxhall, NJ you can check out the new Ford F-150 and choose the right model for you! With our help, you can choose some something that is going to be ready to impress and make every drive much more enjoyable than ever before.

The Ford F-150 is one of the most popular and well-rounded trucks around and for the needs of more drivers, comes in a selection of different sizes. This will allow drivers from all over the area to understand exactly what we are ready to offer drivers of all types a truck that can do much more with ease.

The Ford F-150 comes with a choice of different sizes to make sure every driver is going to be able to get a truck that is ready for adventure. Between different cab sizes and bed lengths, the new Ford F-150 is going to be able to be built exactly how you want and need it for more adventures. Get ready to be blown away with what this truck can offer.

Cab Sizes for the Ford F-150

There are three different cab sizes for you to enjoy and each one has plenty of benefits. The first, and smallest is Regular which offers you seating for three passengers and can be the perfect work truck. Next us is the SuperCab which offers you more seating and space as there are two half-size doors in the rear. Finally, for the most interior space necessary, the SuperCrew® is the best option with four full-size doors and seating for up to five passengers.

Bed Sizes for the Ford F-150

Like the cab sizes, the Ford F-150 is offered with three different bed sizes which can impact the towing and hauling as well as how much cargo you can carry. The three bed sizes are:

  • 5.5 feet
  • 6.5 feet
  • 8 feet

Thanks to the different sizes of the new Ford F-150 models, drivers from all over the Vauxhall, NJ area are going to be able to get one of the most impressive trucks around!

See you soon!

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