Mustang Sally's Now

What if......

Buying a car made you feel like you got a great deal?

What if......

Car repairs weren't a mystery?

What if......

You could confidently navigate and other traditionally male arenas?

The car buying and service experiences are a metaphor for empowerment and tackling challenges women didn't think they could overcome. Imagine if you could confidently negotiate for a car, couldn't you negotiate for just about anything. And if you knew how to change a car tire - even if you didn't want to - would you feel more secure and independent in life?

Through a bi-monthly series of workshops, on-line resources, discussions and clinics, Mustang Sally's Now: Driving Women's Leadership is a resource to help women navigate their way through the car buying to service experiences. Designed to help women build confidence and connect with other women, the program provides tools and resources on topics such as negotiation acumen, finance, business skills, communication - and yes, cars.

There is no charge for the workshops. Attendees are invited to make a voluntary contribution to United Way of Northern New Jersey Women's Leadership Council, a group dedicated to improving the lives of women and children in our communities.

To register or for more information contact Marissa DeFeo - or 908-964-7700 (ext 5566).

 Mustang Sally's Now: Driving Women's Leadership is a program fueled by Maplecrest Ford Lincoln.


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