The Ford Escape has become one of the most popular Ford models available at Maplecrest Ford, and for good reason. With all-wheel drive capability, a laundry list of advanced tech, and safety features that protect you before an accident even occurs, the new Ford Escape promises a truly enjoyable driving experience.

Intelligent All-Wheel Drive

The intelligent all-wheel drive system available in the 2021 Ford Escape gives you added control when you need it and the best possible fuel economy when you don’t. This system reacts on the fly to changing road conditions, offering more gentle torque applications and shifting power between all four wheels to keep you pushing forward and in control when things get slippery. On dry roads, the system can send power to the outer wheels to enhance cornering ability, or a fuel-saving Eco mode will reduce you to just two-wheel drive unless the conditions require all-wheel capability.

Advanced Safety Features

When it comes to protecting you and your family as you travel, the 2020 Ford Escape is more than worth your time. Forward collision alert and automatic emergency braking are always there to protect you, even when the unexpected occurs ahead of you. Meanwhile, side airbags and reinforced doors send the energy from side impacts around the cabin rather than transferring those forces directly to you or any other occupants.

A Luxury Ride

The 2021 Ford Edge comes with an unexpected level of luxury thanks to features such as heated and ventilated front seats, a power-sliding panoramic moonroof, and three-zone automatic climate control that helps keep everyone comfortable and happy while you’re on the the road.

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